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James “Curb” Curbeam has been  a proud member of Teamsters Local 480 in Nashville, TN since 1996. Curbeam began his career at Trailer Conditioners Inc. (UPS), and then, went to work at Yellow Transportation (YRC) in 2002.

Eric Tate

Vice Chairman

(626) 7324700 Ext 111
Eric Tate's motto is: Honesty, integrity, education, and hard work leads to success and his bio depicts that he lives by his motto.  His career as a Teamster began in 1992 when he was hired by Laidlaw Transit as a bus driver. After a year as a driver, he gained the trust of his co-workers, and they elected him Shop Steward.

Nathaniel Jackson


A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Nathaniel Jackson has dedicated his life to his family, civic service, and diligently toiling to aid and assist the Teamsters Union for over forty years.

Virginia Barnes

Recording Secretary

Virginia Barnes is serving her third term as the elected President of Teamsters Local 122 in Boston, MA. In this role she demonstrates her passion and dedication to human rights and ensures that workers have a voice on the job.

Teresa L. Smith

Local 41

Kenneth Jones

Vice Chair
LU 135

Roy Nixon

LU 41

Daniel Jameson

Recording Secretary
LU 507

Patricia Thomas

LU 705

Mckinley "Mac" Moore

LU 89

Anthony Rosa

LU 202

Fred Nowling

Vice Chair
LU 1150

Billye R Thomas

LU 122

Sebrina Isom

Recording Secretary
LU 509

Amy Lewis

LU 97


Kenneth L Paige

LU 891

Vickie Beavers

Vice Chair
LU 728

Jerry Tolbert

LU 270

Sequetta Baldwin

Recording Secretary
LU 988

Stephen Sorrell

Local 270

Tim McCall

National Board Member
BMWED Lodge 1100

Robert ("BIG DOG") Terrell

LU 63

Preston E Richie III

Vice Chair
LU 848

Georgia Richie

LU 848

Mike Peters

Recording Secretary
LU 63

Philip Quansah

LU 399

Calvin McDowell

LU 399

Phil K Frost

LU 568

Jeff Johnson

LU 519
National Media Director

Ronald (Ron Pat) Patton

Ronald (Ron Pat) Patton founded the PARTICIP8 INTERNET CAMPAIGN, a program that teaches students how to create professional video projects (which includes, but not limited to; writing, acting, directing, producing, cinematography and editing).  Ronald also has a Master's Degree in business and teaches financial literacy and life skills based around the importance of time and money management.  Ronald started his working relationship the Teamsters when he produced a number of videos for Teamster members of Local 952.  After seeing his work, Eric Tate, Secretary-Treasurer of the World Famous 848, appointed Ronald as the Media Director for Local 848, where he produces videos under the TEAM 848 brand name.​

In February of 2023, Richard Teems, President of the Southern California Chapter of the Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC), appointed Ronald as Chairman of the Career Day Committee.  Taking on this task, Ronald created “United We Stand,” a program that works with educators, dignitaries and employers to educate students on various trade industries, as well as provide them with useful information and resources regarding the various careers that are available to them after high school. 

In May of 2023, James (Curb) Curbeam, National Chairman of the TNBC, appointed Ronald as the National Media Director of the organization.  In this role, Ronald will expand TNBC’s social media reach and connect with local TNBC chapters to assist them in their online activities.  Ronald is committed to building the TNBC as a nationally recognized force and growing the organization’s numbers, locally and nationally. 


Teamsters National Black Caucus
PO Box 16707
Memphis, TN 38186
  (615) 419-7126

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