• Statement From National Chairman Curbeam Remembering Rev. Joseph Lowery
    Updated On: Mar 28, 2020

    Yesterday, America was dealt another blow during this pandemic crisis. We lost the “Dean” of the Civil Rights Movement - Reverend Joseph Lowery, co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).  

    Rev. Lowery was a devoted civil rights leader beginning in the early 1950’s in Mobile, AL where he led a nonviolent movement to desegregate city buses and public spaces after the 1955 arrest of Sister Rosa Parks in Montgomery, AL. This led to the formation of SCLC, where under his leadership, thousands of people were mobilized in the fight for equality, dignity and justice. 

    From ending segregation in Montgomery, marching on the front lines in Selma for the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to opposing apartheid in South Africa, supporting Palestinian liberation and advocating for LGBTQ and workers’ rights, Rev. Lowery never skipped a beat! He tirelessly fought beside our grandparents, parents and us for a more just and humane world. And, in his words...

    We ain't going back. We've come too far, marched too long, prayed too hard, whipped too bitterly, bled too profusely and died too young to let anybody turn back the clock on our journey to justice.”  - Rev. Lowery, 50th Commemoration of the March on Washington, National Mall (Aug. 2013). 

    On behalf of the Teamsters National Black Caucus, thank you Rev. Lowery for your courage, leadership and strength. And, most importantly, thank you for blazing that trial for us... WE AIN’T GOING BACK! 

    Rest in Glory!

    James "Curb" Curbeam

    Teamsters National Black Caucus

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