• Justice Served, But the Struggle Continues…
    Updated On: Apr 21, 2021

    Justice Served, But the Struggle Continues…

    While many of us are relieved that justice was finally served in the George Floyd murder trial by a guilty verdict, the fight for justice, dignity and fairness for Black Americans continues. One verdict does not resolve or begin to fix the innumerable injustices that have plagued our communities for centuries and still today. One verdict does not bring back Brother Floyd or our other Black brothers and sisters who were murdered by law enforcement officers who still wear uniforms today. One verdict does not end an era, but hopefully, continues a movement where more and more citizens are demanding transparency, accountability and equality. 

    To our law enforcement officers who faithfully serve and protect our communities, this was a good day for you also. You no longer have to stand in the shadows of bad officers who abuse their power - who harass, assault and murder.  They, too, should be held accountable for the criminals they are and not be permitted to hide behind their badges and uniforms any longer.

    We will not be blinded by this one act of justice, which would have been a very different outcome if there was no video recording. State-sanctioned violence and murder against communities of color has no place in society and will not be tolerated as it has been for the past 400 years. We need to continue demanding comprehensive police reform in this country, and implore President Biden to come off the sidelines and lead on this issue. 

    Let’s continue to stand in solidarity as TNBC members, and use our collective voices for justice and equality - for Brother Floyd, for Brother Philando Castile, for Sister Breonna Taylor and for all the other Black men and women who were slain before and will come after if we don’t act.

    Please stay woke for the sentencing!!!


    James "Curb" Curbeam

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