The Teamsters National Black Caucus is dedicated to developing programs that will extend democracy to those who have been traditionally disenfranchised from participating in the political and social changes and projecting social and economic programs that will improve the lives of all.

No provision of these bylaws, rule of parlimentary procedure or action by its officers shall be administered in such a way to deprive individual members of their rights under applicable law and the following membership rights:

The right to nominate candidates or vote in elections of the Caucus;

The right to attend membership meetings, and to participate in the deliberations and voting upon the business of such meetings;

The right to meet and assemble freely with other members and to express any views, arguments, or opinions;

and to express at meetings views upon candidates in an election of the Caucus members or upon any business properly before the meeting, subject to the organizations established and reasonable rules;

The right to information concerning the conduct of the caucus business;

All of the rights of members set forth in this Preamble shall be subject to reasonable application and subject to the right of the Black Caucus to impose reasonable limitations upon the exercise of these rights by the members.